As Fall is now breathing down Summer’s neck, all the fashion powers that be agree that the best way to greet cooler temps is with an Azature Black Diamond manicure. It’s supposedly dubbed to be the world’s most expensive nail polish, but with all of the celebrity 99%ers wearing it at only $250,000 per bottle, PD thinks it’s a real steal.

Azature’s Black Diamond nail polish is composed of 267 black diamond carats. Wow! Black diamonds, how Kayne-West-Sierra Lone-2005. What better way to show what scum the bourgeois are than with this polish slathered on your talons?

Designers are predicting that black will be the “color” until Thanksgiving, so if you’d like to partake but would rather give the $250,000 to charity, or would rather use it to buy a house, stock up on ammo, etc. PD suggests you go for any of the following:

Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Black Diamond nail polish for $4.

China Glaze.

China Glaze’s Black Diamond nail polish for $4.


Black Pearl Nail Polish Konad for $6.99.


Dior Black Sequins nail polish for $19.


Revlon Night Spell nail polish for $5.

Are you sensing a pattern here PDers? There are literally hundreds of different nail polishes out on the market that give the exact same jeweled sparkle effect as the $250,000 bottled Azature. Just close your eyes and pick one.