Looking for that perfect lip product to get your pout prepped for those Valentine’s Day lip-locks? PD’s got you covered with our Valentine’s Kiss series, where we showcase the new, old, classic, and inventive lip products.

To start us off, we looked into the raved about Just Bitten lip stain by Revlon. The bar was set by Revlon’s promise that, “This unique 2-in-1 gives you kiss-proof color with soft shine and a nourishing balm for supreme comfort.”


Price: ****

These run between $7 to $11, and unfortunately are only available in the US, which means our global PDers will have to fork over a little more shipping. Overall though, the price isn’t bad, and as of such you won’t have so much guilt buying the full rainbow of them.

Packaging: *****

The thick pencil packaging is nice and will fit into most clutches. The longer size also makes it easier to fish out of your Michael Kors bag.

Application and Time: ****

Revlon supplies the following two step process to applying their Just Bitten stain:

Step 1- Apply lip stain evenly to clean, bare lips and wait 30 seconds. Build color and coverage as desired.

Step 2- Follow with moisturizing lip balm. Reapply as desired for knockout shine and moisture throughout the day. Double-sided.

The reality is that knockout shine buggered off after about 30 minutes, and in order to get any “color” stain on your lips, you have to apply vigorously. This can be both a pro and con. If you’re into the more natural slight tint, you-just-had-a-sugar-free-flavored-ice look, then this product is for you. If you like your lips to be ballsy and pop, look elsewhere.

Design: **

The double sided aspect is a good idea, but not well carried out with the Just Bitten. The “nourishing” balm end (which was a bit underwhelming) is non-retractable, and the cap is very thinly cut, causing the balm to be cut off after the first use. On the stain side, the cap seems to have the opposite problem and is too widely cut, so that the cap itself frequently comes off, drying the stain applicator.

Colors: *****

Revlon certainly has enough shades to appease the masses. Colors range from the pinky hues of Desire, to the orange red of Flame, the bright purple of Crave, to the dark color of Midnight. While all of the names sound awe inspiring remember, it takes a lot of pushing on the applicator, and multiple reapplies to actually get some stain on your lips.

Our staff’s top color picks are the punch pink Passion, and the aforementioned Flame.

Conceptually this would be a great product, by Revlon really needs to take some time to iron-out the refinements. What say you, PDers? Will this be your Valentine’s Day kiss pick? Let us know below.