Aloe Vera.Urban Decay, Too Faced, Guerlain, yes, almost every makeup brand has a primer that those near and dear to you swear by, but ours at PD is a little different—and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Aloe Vera gel.

Yes, the sunburn standby, Ancient Egypt’s so called Plant of Immortality, $8 per tub at Walgreens and gas stations throughout the world is our primer staple.

Eyeshadow, foundation, if anything goes on our face, we prep with a slather of Aloe Vera first.

Aloe Vera also makes for a great shaving gel in a pinch, and the polyphenols in it prevent inflammation and bacteria growth.As compared to your miniature primers for $30+.

When tangling with the TSA, our staff finds that traveling with a multi-purpose product like Aloe Vera gel is a real perk.

Plus PDers, if you have a long layover or aren’t rushing to your next flight, and love a good conversation, Aloe Vera gel also gives you the opportunity to explain to the TSA agents that it’s a gel and not a liquid, therefore a huge vat of it is well-within their rules.

If you like that kind of thing.