The horror…Is it already Hump Day and you haven’t been offended yet this week? Don’t worry, as always PD has you covered.

As far as triggering goes Sephora’s caught a few cattle cars of flak for selling Urban Decay’s new After Dark palette.

Is it so poorly pigmented that it’s causing offense in the makeup community? Is there too much fallout? Not exactly. Apparently, naming one of the eyeshadows (in this case a glittered take on pastel purple) Druggie is the problem.More horror…

While the royal blue shade isn’t incurring any goodwill being named Paralyze, Druggie has been dubbed the worst thing since a Trump Presidency.

Calling the moniker insensitive and a glamorization of drug use, petitions from a slew of Leftist organizations demanding Sephora ban the product are circulating and Sephora has apologized via Twitter as is the current custom of self-immolation.

“We deeply apologize to anyone who was offended by the name of this shade.”

What offends you now seems to be what defines you.Urban Decay, the actual maker of the palette has yet to comment, and really, why should they? Urban Decay also has a Junkie Lipstick palette to angry up the blood, but if the names of these products bother you do not buy them.

Trying to force an act of contrition from these companies though, says far more about you than it ever could about Urban Decay or Sephora