Unicorns, balloons and rainbows all in the big set up for a dark Fall.Jeffree Starr and Jerrod Blandino might not have realized the unicorn look actually traces itself all the way back to the first ruler of the Kim Dynasty, Kim Il-sung, but the current head of the DPRK Household Kim Jong-un wants everyone in the makeup world and beyond to know that balloons are the next big thing—and he’s the brilliant mind behind it.

PD has long talked about Kim Jong-un’s love of childhood hallmarks such as Disney and triple-dipped sugar treats, so it would stand to reason he’d also have a thing for balloons, wanting them everywhere from eyeshadow palette motifs and tees, to ordering special propaganda ones to be sent to South Korea.Not counting when he fed his uncle to his dogs, really Kim Jong-un’s bark is worse than his bite.

It would seem though, that with South Korea slated to host the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang soon, they are less tolerant of Kim Jong-un’s childish shanahanigans.

While naturally, the North and South have exchanged propaganda balloons over their borders for years, with Kim Jong-un’s laced with used toilet paper and threats and the South’s carrying copies of The Interview, Kim Jong-un’s latest round of balloon prankery last week led the South Koreans to put the helium away in exchange for warning shots.

Maybe it’s time for Kim Jong-un to try balloon animals instead.