Fireworks, gold and silver---sounds like what’s to come when the dollar crashes.So, you’ve decided to brave the streets tonight to celebrate switching from that cat calendar to scenes from the Mojave Desert one? Looking for some quick ways to add something sparkly and festive to your look before you go?

Don’t worry, as always PD’s got you covered.

As everyone and their dog will be wrapped in sequins and glitter dresses, we suggest keeping your glitz to only your nails and eye makeup, in order to stand out against the blinding sea of background shimmers in Times Square tonight.

First, take your freshly painted nails (pictured below is gold, but going with a gray, or white could look even better) and gently and carefully dip the tips of your nails into a jar of craft glitter. Alternatively depending upon the type of glitter you have on hand, you can also dust the glitter onto your nails, sprinkling them as you would a cupcake.

You can also just use the glitter as an accent for one nail.

After three minutes, apply a quick clear top coat, and you should be good to go.

Does this really happen in Alaska?

Next, we’ve got Alaskan mascara, or if you live somewhere with a low of only 20C then white or silver mascara does the same trick. Though the look makes your eyes pop, it’s best left for tonight, or Halloween, and not for the office.

Also only for tonight, or perhaps a party in New Delhi, are these gold lashes. Festive? Yes. Boardroom bound? No.

Wonder what those lashes would fetch on the Black Market...

Enjoy the evening, and let’s try to get 2014 off to a good and less depressing, less the-sky-is-falling-the-NSA-will-put-us-into-reeducation-camps start.

Happy New Year!