Tarte Cosmetics ready and primed for crucifixion. In the latest Social Justice Warrior makeup outrage, for once it’s Tarte Cosmetics up on the chopping block and not Urban Decay or Jeffree Star.

Yes, the Tolerance Community have gone through whole packets of blotting paper over Tarte’s lack of Christmas cheer in their holiday collection use of a meme on their Instagram, which included the pairing of the two words, “Ching chong.”

Oh! The horror!

Originally the meme was taken from a tweet from another makeup artist and friend of the brand.

With demands to remove the post, gird and censor themselves and to, “Do better,” Tarte naturally acquiesced and apologized with another post.

The apology, which follows months of posts of other memes and low-grade jokes on all of their social media.

“From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry and embarrassed. Yesterday, we made a mistake by sharing an insensitive meme with a racist term. There is NO EXCUSE for using any type of racial slur, regardless of the context. We understand that this ignorance has caused us to lose loyal fans, and we completely understand. I take full responsibility, and we thank you all for helping us educate our team and each other.”Tarte’s over-sized Goddess Glow for 2017 Holiday.

Of course, what hasn’t been said and clearly under the new First Amendment of the Offended States of America cannot be said, is that perhaps the ching chong used in the meme had nothing to do with the Asian Community, or anyone at all. Maybe it was just used for a little alliteration, or maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t matter.

Just sayin’.