H2O in all its frozen glory.Does the summer heat have you pulling a Nancy Pelosi on your co-workers and family? Well, grab your ice tray, because as usual PD’s got you covered.

Full make-up and August definitely do not mix well in the Northern Hemisphere, but if you absolutely must slap on a heavy layer of foundation first run a fresh from the freezer ice cube over your face. The ice will shrink your pores and help stave off breakouts.She's on the move!

Did you stay up until the wee-hours reading up on Ebola? Then an ice cube wrapped up in a cup towel run over your eyelids will reduce puffiness, and go a long way to making you feel alive enough to tackle the day.

Go a little crazy with the self-tanner this time around? Don’t worry, a half a standard tray of ice cubes rubbed over the area, and you’re cured.

Get the freezer stocked to deal with streaks.So called ethnic prints might be everywhere now, but if you find that your brows are starting to mirror Frida Kahlo, then before your pluck use an ice cube to numb your brow line and minimize pain. The same goes for any splinters you may pick up while kitting out your SHTF shelter.Better to find some ice than to bring an iron from home.

Have you just landed in Karachi, but unfortunately your clothes look like they’ve just come out of a camel’s ass? If you can find yourself an ice cube in Pakistan, you can iron out your garments, by wrapping up the ice cube in a soft cloth and then running it over any wrinkles you spot. Use a little pressure and in five minutes you’re good to go.

You’re welcome.