It’s heat wave time again, and no, we’re not just talking about Urban Decay’s European Naked Heat launch.

Wildfires in Albania, train tracks buckling in Serbia, several emergency warnings from Spain’s National Weather Service, and a few deaths have brought August in with a bang.

Heat wave.

The Public Health Institute in Belgrade has advised the populace to cover their windows with wet towels and to avoid alcohol, while Romania has banned people from working outdoors during temperature peaks. The Croatian Government has also issued warnings to all over their Czech tourists to use precaution when it comes to sun exposure.

Yesterday alone, during the 116th Philippine National Police Service Anniversary, 25 officers fainted while waiting outside in formation for President Duterte to arrive.

According to the PNP Spokesman the officers fainted due to, “Dehydration and exhaustion from so much heat. They were there at least more than an hour before the program.”Better to faint than break formation, right? Beyonce?

That extra hour coupled with the hour Duterte came late led to the cops crumbling, and with those temperatures it seems that not even some KFC SPF would have helped.

What say you, PDers? How are you managing to keep your cool?