Did Hard Candy Cosmetics avert a PR crisis?

Did Hard Candy Cosmetics avert a PR crisis?

In a whiplash response, Hard Candy Cosmetics has backed off their attempt to patent the #METOO movement.

Even though the filing was done back in October of 2017, news of the patent request was only unearthed by TMZ last week, and as of the following weekend, Hard Candy Cosmetics has backpedaled.

According to the Hard Candy CEO Jerome Falic:

“As a brand devoted to women since its inception, Hard Candy has and will continue to support women’s rights. Hard Candy has always quietly and proudly supported a non-profit organization that directly contributes to many women’s causes. When the trademark application for #MeToo was filed, one of our objectives was to bring greater awareness to this important and long overdue movement. We planned to donate 100% of all profits arising from this trademark to #MeToo. Based on several public responses, we have abandoned the application. We will continue to support the work of this watershed movement and other causes that respect the dignity of women and all people.”

What do you think, PDers? Is this a case of crisis averted, or will the #METOO movement just be missing out pussy pink nail polish and matte lipstick?