A less political and less Clintony take on gold water? For those in Whitehall, Montana it seems that the 2014 Christmas holiday will be a heck of a lot flashier than years past, since this year along with the standard snowflake residents are also receiving a fair amount of gold flake.

That is when they turn on the tap.

PD has talked about how gold is a fashion classic and go-to security on the rise in popularity, but having actual gold pouring out of your facet? That’s a whole other level.

Resident Mark Brown first noticed something was up with his tap water as his wife was doing dishes. “She had pulled the plug to let the water out and there were glistening, gleaming little flecks.”How about a nice gold lip for the holidays?

It’s important to note that the Golden Sunlight gold mine is located five miles Northeast of Whitehall, so it isn’t too shocking that gold might be found in the area—but gold in the water?

That’s still a reason to smile—and to brush using Arrowhead.