Vintage creeps.With Pumpkin Spice Cheerios exploding off the shelves, it’s that time of year again when harlequins literally come out of the wood work to terrorize small towns.

This year though, in Greenville, South Carolina, Police Chief Ken Miller isn’t going to take it, telling the press yesterday that, “The clowning around needs to stop. It’s illegal, it’s dangerous, it’s inappropriate. It’s creating community concern.”

Since August 21st, there have been six reported clown sightings in the area, with most of the stories claiming the clowns are trying to entice young children into the woods.

Trying to entice children into woods, yes, is creepy, but how is donning a red nose and oversized shoes a criminal act? Okay, dressing up as a clown (strobing and contouring makeup not included) is odd for anyone not an alumni member of OWS, but should it be considered a criminal act?Police Chief Ken Miller of Greenville, South Carolina.

Well, ultimately South Carolina does have an ordinance which prohibits anyone older than 16 from wearing masks that conceal one’s identity in public, so theoretically when Police Chief Miller says that if you, “Politely terrorize the public, we will arrest you,” technically if you terrorize dressed as a clown they can.

What say you, PDers? Should the State protect you from being creeped out by clowns?