This look could cost you your sight.Proving that yes, he is still in office, President Barack Obama’s FDA released a special warning Monday on the dangers of counterfeit decorative contact lenses.

Move over Gucci belts, the real counterfeit nightmare these days is ACUVUEs.

Echoed by Homeland’s ICE EAD Peter Edge’s warning that, “Criminal elements will capitalize on the excitement of the holiday season by selling substandard, dangerous counterfeit and illegal items with no regard for the health and safety of consumers,” US Immigration and Customs claim to have recently seized 100,000 pairs of imposter lenses.The horror.

Advising that consumers only purchase lenses from licensed eye doctors and not from online costume shops, the danger with a counterfeit pair doesn’t come from saving a few green, but rather from bacteria or China’s favorite side dish, lead.

Both items not being all that beneficial for your eyesight, so either embrace your natural brown or baby blues, or ask your eye doctor for samples.