The shopping center also wanted to ensure the public that none of the butterflies would be harmed during their stay.A very happy Qi-Xi or Double 7 to all of our PDers out there. For this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, it seems that China is full of more than just ghost cities.

Yes, in China today the streets and shops are bursting with love (for everyone expect the Japanese) and butterflies.

The Changzhou Shopping Center in Jiangsu Province decided to mark Qi-Xi by displaying a smidge over 100,000 butterflies through the weekend.

To avoid any echoes of 2014’s Firefly Riot, the mall worked with Beijing’s Butterfly Breeding Science Park to build their 300 square meter conservatory on the shopping center’s third floor and the accompanying butterfly museum on the fourth floor.A shot from the Firefly Riot, when Chinese ticketholders destroyed a tourist office after the promised fireflies failed to materialize.

The butterfly display is free, though obviously the Changzhou Shopping Center wouldn’t mind you picking up your face powder for Zhinü while there.