Eat the rich...desserts.From Tumblr moon rocks to unicorn everything and Maxine Waters in denim, even though we are already in the thick of May, let’s glance back at what went down in April.

While Iran started to complain about people taking too many holidays, the Egyptian Government decided to boost tourism by footing utility bills and inviting in the big guns, Sylvester Stallone and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In France, before the first round of votes, the Rat Catcher Union decided to go on strike and after that, Le Pen stressed that the French should be eating French.

Speaking of eating habits, as Duterte decided to put on his chef’s hat, the university system decided that scales shouldn’t be allowed in campus gyms since they’re triggering.Drama aside, there is still a lot of excitement over the upcoming Clover palette.

With a few bags of carrots and our copy of How the Hell Did this Happen shoved into our purse, we helped you get excited for the Kentucky Derby with a refresher look at the event’s ban list.

All the Progressive kids (those that eat grass like sheep, but they’re not sheep) cheered their Auntie Maxine, while sucking down their Pepsis Unicorn Starbucks drink and demanding more, which led to shade being thrown at Tarte on the part of Too Faced and the whole Youtube makeup “community” drowning in tea.

All in all, taking into account all of the rainbows, unicorns and the mythical belief in Big Government, we feel that the pic below best sums up April 2017:

Funny how that's missed by many...

Be on the lookout for Nessie in late May.