It was a difficult weekend for quite a few politicians.

Yoon Chang-jung was relieved of his duties as the Chief Spokesman for the South Korean President Park Geun-hye (Park style!) after getting a little too touchy feely with a woman on a recent D.C. trip. Hey, Yoon Chang-jung shouldn’t feel too bad. All you have to do is mistake one man’s wife for a prostitute once and it is curtains from there.

Then in Europe, in accordance with the opulence look continuing down the runways this Summer and Fall season, the Czech Bohemian Crown Jewels were brought out for their five year airing.

This is usually considered to be a great time of celebration for jewelry enthusiasts the country over, but at the opening ceremony it became very apparent that the newly elected Czech President and Herman Van Rompuy hamster, Milos Zeman had started celebrating long before.

Footage of him 3,000kc to the wind exploded over Czech Media, leading a damage control report to be slapped together by his people saying he was simply suffering from a tummy virus.

Zeman really should switch to a multivitamin, as a few months back, he looked like he was suffering from a similar aliment at a state function caused by what was termed in the media as the “lingering effects” of a toe surgery.The Czech President is the drunker one.

Looking at the State Jewels, the crown similar to those pushed on the runways by D&G this season, has a vertical fleurs de lis 22 carat gold design around the front, back, and sides, with 19 sapphires, 30 emeralds, 20 pearls, 44 spinels (magnesium aluminum), and one of each of the following: ruby, rubellite, aquamarine stone, and a thorn from Christ’s original crown of thrones (we’re thinkin’ that’s most likely a knockoff though).

The Crown.The whole thing weighs about 5.5 lbs.

The scepter is 18 carat gold, with 4 sapphires, 62 pearls, and 5 spinels weighing a mere 2.23 lbs.

For betting purposes, the door to the Crown Jewels chamber, and the iron safe where the goods are housed has seven locks, with seven members of the government holding the keys.

The sacred holders of the keys are the President, in this case the woozy Zeman, Petr Necas the Prime Minister, Dominik Jaroslav Duka the Prague Archbishop, Miroslava Nemcova the Chairman of the House of Deputies, Milan Stetch the Chairman of the Senate, the Dean of the Metropolitan Chapter of St. Vitus Cathedral, and finally Bohuslav Svoboda the Mayor of Prague.