The ring of power?Ahh, yes. The cult of Vladimir Putin is definitely a classier cult than that of Barack Obama with his golf balls and tees, or the cult of Hillary Clinton with its compulsory vagina.

For this Valentine’s Day, jewelry maker Putinversteher wants to be sure you make the classy choice for that special Statist in your life.

Embrace Putin, comrade.

For the low, low, low and possibly tomorrow even lower, price of 7,500 RUB you can slip one of these limited edition Putin-headed rings on the finger of your beloved, in a gesture and declaration of the ultimate forced engagement. Putting a Putin ring on it.

The beautifully sculpted ring design brings to mind both a past and futuristic dystopian age, where might answers might and submission to the Great One is inevitable.

Remember, in Russia it’s not Valentine’s Day, it is Vladentine’s Day