Bias? Naaaah.In an ode to corruption, yesterday Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee proudly wore her gold-plated I’m With Hillary pin during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the FBI’s probe into that same Hillary’s email server.


Little irony was lost as the H pinned Jackson Lee cross-examined FBI Director James Comey with her claims that Republicans, “Want you to prosecute, or ask the DOJ to prosecute, Secretary Clinton regardless of the facts. So they’ve engaged in an almost daily ritual of holding hearings, desperately trying to tear down the investigation.”Come on, PDers! You know, she hasn’t looked this good in a while.

While the House bans campaign-related activity, campaign pins are not directly listed as prohibited.

To play a little devil’s advocate here (literally), okay sure, Jackson Lee really should have followed the Chanel edict of removing one accessory (or ten) before heading out the door, but the Representative’s use of Autumn red is perhaps one of the most flattering looks she’s donned in years.