How well does ducking and covering really work against radiation? Those with a little common sense and basic math skills understand that Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is really just a hop, skip and jump away from Article 5— which is the war one.

Article 4 is basically the big meeting before bombs are dropped, where one or more of the 28 countries make their best pitch for war. These possible-prewar powwows have actually only occurred 5 times, and oddly enough Turkey has been the country that invoked Article 4 a whopping 4 of those 5.Whelp...

The one exception to Turkey pulling the Article 4 lever? Poland in 2014, after Russia invaded the Crimea.

With the downing of the Russian fighter jet over Turkey yesterday, it seems that a life lived as resistance to occupation has become less like an I Ching, Man in the High Castle pipe dream à la Philip K. Dick and more a reflection of our current time line.

Wait, let us guess. Turkey wants an Article 4 meeting?Which is why it is interesting that the American DHS’ Domestic Nuclear Detection Office recently issued a $24 Million contract to FLIR Detection in hopes of developing what the DHS clunkingly dubbed Human Portable Tripwire (HPT)— basically bracelets that are able to detect radiation (not so much a late 80’s slap design, but more of a FitBit).It could even look like those gimmicky Balance bracelets of yesteryear.

Alas no, despite your taxpayer dollars going to fund the project do not expect to find a personalized one in your mailbox, since the DHS has ruled these bits of HPT arm candy aren’t for your average Joanne Citizen, but rather should be given to the TSA, Coast Guard and US Customs.

Or knowing the DHS, they could even be like the copper bracelets your Gram-gram wore. Still though, you can probably find a close enough HPT tech dupe for you and yours on AliExpress in time for the holidays.