Jeez, you’d think you were camping in the Cambodian Killing Fields with the amount of skulls plastered all over the runways, street corners, and nursery schools.

Sure, maybe it’s just the October chill feeding this bone craze, but it’s getting a little out of hand.

Case in point, these leather cuffs with the Swarovski skull adornments. Beautiful yes, and at under $10 all the more desirable, but is the beautifying of these skulls the right message to be sending now?

This leather cuffs comes in black, purple, brown, white, green, and biege.

Or how about these ear cuffs. Nothing screams “tough guy” as much as seven skulls dangling from your ear.

You can snatch up this baby for under $3 on ebay.

Are these looks still within the realm of good taste or are they venturing a bit too far into voodoo witch doctor territory? Sound off in the comments below.