Does this get filed under all Press is good Press?Omar Mateen might have gotten his signals crossed thinking every terrorist act begins with Kay instead of every kiss, apparently spending $9,000 at a Kay Jeweler’s the week before he decided to carry out his jihad (word has it that he also spent a good amount at the Winn-Dixie, too), but he’s not the only one to have hit a confusing snafu lately.

Given that homosexuality is illegal in her country, Jamaica’s Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte took the US Kingston Embassy to task for flying an in her eyes, “Disrespectful,” rainbow flag after the attack that killed 49 at the Orlando gay club Pulse.More flag strife.

Criticism to which the diplomatic heads at the US Embassy took to Twitter over, starting a flame war with the Attorney General, PS183 style.

Another triumph for the books.

Just sayin’.