Swag.PDers know that on the Black Market weaves are prime currency, but in the past, when gold and silver were harder to obtain, their use in rings, necklaces, earrings—you name it, were offset with human hair.

Around from prehistoric times, crafting jewelry from human hair (known as hair work) hit its peak during the Victorian Period. As the powdered wigs of the aristocratic class went out of fashion, wig makers (also seen written together) found themselves needing to adapt their trades to stay afloat…and naturally that meant creating brooches and bracelets from hair.

Better to wear your hair up with these babies...

Despite most of the hair used for jewelry being taken from a specific loved one of the commissioner of the piece (often from the deceased), occasionally hair was purchased directly off the heads of peasants.

It's all in the details.

Still not sufficiently creeped out? Well, apart from jewelry, human hair was also used by wig makers to create decorative wreaths.

$20 says that would scare most modern day trick or treaters.