Plus, wedding season is coming, which means India will need more gold.We have mentioned the Indian love affair with all things gold in the past, but with India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on overdrive as the rest of the Indian Government places bounties on the heads of beggars in preparation for Ivanka Trump’s visit, bringing all that glitters actually into the country is more difficult than ever.

So far this year alone, the DRI has collected over 660lbs of gold from airline passengers of all ages attempting to move gold into India, either by placing nuggets into their luggage, or the old standby— their rectums.

Last month, 22lbs of gold was confiscated from two flights, with 29 of the passengers using their rectums for their smuggling needs.Kind of makes you look at gold nuggets differently, doesn’t it?

According to the DRI, “The uniqueness of this case is that huge numbers of people concealed the gold in their rectums. Rectum concealment by this many guys is a first.”

While overall $46,000 worth of gold was netted, each individual person was conveniently only carrying an amount that is considered not prosecutable by the Indian Government.

Go figure.