Groundbreaking design or just digging up the past?Their Ghost Collection might have been a bit of a miss, but that hasn’t stopped Gucci from concentrating on another overdone fashion fixture: the skull.

After so many seasons, it’s getting harder to figure out why the skull is still in play, sort of like how one feels when they read that the US Dollar is still the planet’s default currency—clearly, no one gets it.

Smacking a sapphire-eyed skull in the middle of a lily, with the Gucci guarantee of Social and Environmentally Responsible jewels, the brands hopes you won’t mind dropping $14,950 on a ring or $15,950 on a pair of earrings.

Earrings blooming at $15,950.

If you’re like our staff and see enough death to come in the next decade that you’re officially over skulls, check out Gucci’s Horsebit designs in rose gold starting with earrings from $14,750.

With necklaces running $15,500 you’ll still cry when you lose it.

At least with that collection you’ll come across as a more optimistic mark.

Right, PDers?