A cheese plate. A God damn cheese plate. Is there anything crasser than a gift shop at a mass grave?

Well, maybe the lame excuse offered up by the staff of said gift shop for their 9/11 cheese plates, coffee mugs, and Twin Tower umbrellas.

“Once the public starts coming in, you learn so much,” President of the 9/11 Memorial Foundation, Mr. Daniels said, after the initial backlash from visitors to the 9/11 Museum. “We in no way presume to get everything right. We will accept that criticism, absolutely.”Cashing in.

In this case not getting everything right includes hawking tired rubber bracelets, Chinese “honor, remember, reunite” hoodies, reflecting pool earrings, Twin Tower tote bags and stuffed animals.

And a sick society just gets sicker.

You know what our staff would love to get our hands on? Some Cambodian skull earrings from the Killing Fields.

Happy Independence Day.