PD understands that thus far November has been a really trying month, worldwide. Americans are contending with the fact that they are less than half way through Obama’s term in office (LESS THAN HALF!!!!), the Chinese are being run over by tanks and having to listen to longwinded speeches during their glorious government transition, the Greek rioters are breaking plates, and really the world’s gettin’ a little tense.

Let us help you try to ease some of the stress in your life.

We’ve all been there—home alone, in a rush, needing to get out the door, and by all that is holy, we’re unable to clasp our lovely jeweled bracelet. We’re trying to one hand it, and then we regroup and dental it—and it still doesn’t go on.


It’s usually at this time that you start to think about how nothing in life is easy anymore, and how fucking stupid the electorate is, and Jesus H. Christ we’re all sheep being led to the slaughter, and there’s nothing, nothing, nothing you can do about it. One of God's miracles....tape.

Yeah. Nip that thought process in the bud, with PD’s bracelet trick: Rip off a small piece tape, and use it to tape one end of bracelet onto your wrist. With the bracelet now affixed with the tape, you are able to clasp it together both beautifully and easily. Remove the tape.

Finished, done, and with no dark thoughts.

You’re welcome.