Lots of gesturing. Last month, there was a pretty heavy throw down.

No, not with Trump’s WWE, but with CNN’s All Star Hack Christiane Amanpour (think a slightly more attractive Helen Thomas) and MEP Daniel Hannan, the man whom pens a new book on liberty and freedom every 3 months or so.You know what’s not listed in the book? Racism.

Apparently, Amanpour wasn’t aware of any of those books, otherwise one imagines she might have had the presence of mind to not try and peddle her, “Brexit is racist!” diatribe to Hannan’s face while live on air.

Now, since Amanpour seems unable to stop interrupting and talking over her guest, the overall interview loses a little in transcript form so instead, grab some popcorn (or cornflakes as the time of the day dictates for you) and just check out the actual video instead.



Drum roll, please…

What say you, PDers? Is that how you handle a hostile interview or what?