Grab a slice of king cake and some coffee. Worried about the Mardi Gras aftermath come tomorrow morning, as you head out for your Wednesday ashes with a hangover that resembles the Bubonic Plague? Does the thought of cleaning up the pre-chewed culinary display outside your door on an already angry stomach, strike you as worse than a day at Gitmo?

Don’t stress, as always PD’s got you covered.

Cleaning up vomit, even the multicolored neon variety, is rarely fun, but it can be manageable if you grab some coffee grounds. Ideally, you’ll have brewed your best Colombian or favorite Dunkin Donuts Eggnog grounds for the morning i.e. something with an extra strong and pleasing aroma for this job.While cleaning, be sure to switch out of your Mardi Gras kicks.

Take a cup (to three or four cups) of coffee grounds (depending upon the size of yesterday’s revelry) and dump the grounds onto the mess. Allow 10 minutes for the grounds to absorb the worst of the smell and gooeyness, then clean up what’s left as you normally would.

Trust us, you’ll be able to get through the process with minimal retching this way.

You’re welcome.