At least enjoy the little things in life…If you find yourself unwilling to even open your browser lately, don’t worry as always PD has you covered.

Riding a heart-shaped Valentine lollipop high, our staff wants to take a break with all of the genocide and tyranny talk to just—for today at least, embrace the superficial and silly.

However, if you still need a little blood and guts to round out your day, you can always checkout our cliff notes history on the origins of Valentine’s Day, or instead explore Vladentine’s Day by booking a romantic gulag evening, complete with a double helping of borscht. We hear that if you call by 8, they can still get you in.

Otherwise, PDers let’s relax.

Start your day off with a joke…in this case, a look back at Jumpin’ Joe Biden.

Repeat as necessary until you manage to cut the tension and crack a smile.

The second step in not taking everything so seriously, includes slipping into Gucci’s Lamé heart skirt. How can you be stressed wearing that thing? (Just stay away from open flame.)

Act like Congress and just ignore the price tag.

It’s also the time of year to dig out that YSL heart compact, or Too Faced love motif blushes, brushes etc.

Hey, every makeup company has their own take on Valentine’s frivolity.

In lieu of looking into the black hole that is news media in 2017, take today to enjoy puns.

Try to keep them at a 1 or 2 on the Comparative Pun Pain Scale.

Rejoice and celebrate that so far Big Government hasn’t been able to ban pizza, by rolling out your own heart-shaped one and adding extra cheese.

Or order one.

Finally though, just remember that as bleak as things might seem now, society on the whole still has come a long way.

And now people think G.I. Joe Valentines with armored personnel carriers and flamethrowers are offense…

Just sayin’.