The long-glanded snake.Have you had a lingering headache since the Primaries? No amount of Gatorade able to ease the pounding? Don’t worry, PD’s on it.

According to the University of Queensland, the venom of the long-glanded blue coral snake might be just what the witch doctor ordered, as its venom is so fast acting that it instantly short-circuits prey’s nerves—something that might work wonders if you’re in a world of hurt.

Unlike opioids, the long-glanded snake’s venom works through disrupting sodium channels.

“This is first time that a snake venom has been reported to act on sodium channels, which is really quite surprising,” claims Jennifer Deuis, a co-author of the study, further explaining that this venom by, “Blocking certain sodium channels in nerves is a promising therapeutic approach to treat pain.”Gucci has also been big on coral snakes lately.

All in all, with a little luck and thick pair of gloves, a derivative of this venom might be available at your local pharmacy by the next election cycle.

You’re welcome.