PDers it’s been one hell of a long week.

The US Energy Department is “unable to locate” half a million dollars, and now Progressives are testing the idea of a War on Summer, as our kids are supposedly too stupid and fat for frolicking in the sun. A pic of Anthony Weiner’s wiener was part of the front page header. We learned that Arab businessmen are buying temporary summer brides. We found a few needles in our turkey sandwiches, putting us officially off airplane food, no matter how hungry we might get in the future. To add further insult to our injury, flashy flash mobs took over the Jacksonville Walmart.

Yes, we admit it, we all live in a very depressing time, which is sometimes made even more disheartening by the information you find here. We get it. PD feels your pain. Really. Do you think that Weiner article just wrote itself? (That unfortunate contributor is now filing for workmen’s comp.) To make up for that, PD’s top Editor-in-Chief (you know the one that is going to take the fall for all of us when it’s Work and Reeducation Camp time) wanted to leave you guys with a happier spin on things.

Perhaps the best scene: On the Elevator.

Psy, a singer/chorographer/cool ass dude, is a sexier version of our boyfriend, Kim Jong-Un. He just released his sixth album this week, and the music video for his hit Gangnam Style proves why South Korea loves this guy.

The music video is truly amazing beyond words. The faces of the people on the music video alone are priceless! Fun, colorful, crazy, camp in the best way possible, and just….happy. Sure Harry Reid is a douche, and President Felipe Cauldron is a hypocrite, and yes, yes, there is a drug war about to spill over the US border, but with Gangnam Style all obstacles seem surmountable.

First, knowing PD like you do, you can imagine that we were skeptical. Is there some type of hidden message? Will this song lead to some type of a Miranda shoot-out? Is Gangnam Style Korean for, “Let’s all be Communists?”

Good news! So far our PD propagandists haven’t found any subliminal messages, and our Korean contributors assure us the song is legit for libertarians to enjoy. Gangnam is one of the more affluent districts in Seoul, and the song is about not needing to show a lot of skin to be pretty, or sacrifice smarts in favor of muscle.

Our prescription? Watch the music video a few times, and your faith in the fun of humanity (and not the oppression of it) will be restored. You’re welcome.