The winners of the Drug War, casket makers and Big Government.In Venezuela, you might need to get yours on an installment plan, but for the drug cartels in Mexico, when it comes to smuggling contraband into the United States, caskets are king.

Hearses are now being stopped between the two countries, as Border Patrol claims that coffins are a newer, albeit more morbid, way to smuggle marijuana, meth and cocaine.$33,000 worth of marijuana bricks.

A recent hearse incident netted a Border Patrol bust of marijuana bricks, street valued at $33,000.

Of course, PDers, now that the drug cartels’ clever use of coffins has been discovered, they’ll have to go back to the drawing board, still though—caskets.

With how many people have been murdered in the Drug War, using coffins to smuggle crank does follow a certain logic.