At the risk of sounding like Michelle Antoinette or Heir Bloomberg, how about ditching the Drudge Report and stress connected to the news of the latest assaults on man’s freedom, and instead hitting the basketball courts with your near and dear for a game of Obama?

No, PD promises there’s no redistribution of wealth involved with this one, just some good Joe Biden clean fun.

You’ll need a basketball court, and of course a basketball. There’s no limit to the amount of players (much like the designs of the Gang of Ocho’s Amnesty Bill), so you’re welcome to tackle the game alone.Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Messiah!

The game itself is a concept our staff developed based off of some footage that surfaced of Dear Leader earlier this year. Back in March, President Obama showed off his raw basketball talent by throwing brick after brick on the courts for the cameras.

Out of 22 attempts, he only sunk 2.

With that in mind, Obama is played by each player taking turns trying to sink more than 2 baskets out of 22. If you manage that, than you are the supreme winner and all media organizations will fawn all over you.

Catch ya at the courts, and in case we miss you, let us know how you do down in the comments.