Next time go with dark chocolate, Customs will be less tempted do go for a taste.No, today’s article isn’t a twist on a classic Christmas pudding, instead it’s about how a 21 year old tried to smuggle 3 kilos of heroin through Newark Liberty International— by coating it in chocolate.

At first, he almost had Customs convinced that the heroin was actually part of a chocolate layer cake, but one agent with a bit of a sweet tooth soon realized there wasn’t any cake under that chocolate, only horse.A layer cake with heroin as the secret ingredient.

In essence, yes, we guess you could say, “The cake was a lie.”

After pleading guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute, this newbie baker will be sentenced this coming January and faces life in prison.

What say you, PDers? A life term seems a high price to pay for 3 kilos of heroin with chocolate coating, right?