Bullies that grow up taking your toys on the playground, tend to join Big Govt to keep taking.Donning a red hat with his trademark windbreaker, Venezuela’s President Maduro has used his dictatorship to make Christmas nightmares come true in the past, and as elections have a way of not happening, Papa Noel Maduro won’t be stopped this year either.

After checking his chavismo list twice, Papa Noel started to load up his sleigh by sending his soldiers in last week to confiscate 3.8 million (though initially Maduro’s Government claimed it was 4.8 million) toys from a Kreisel warehouse.

In the name of his country’s children’s rights to have a feliz navidad, Papa Noel’s raid on the warehouse followed his Administration’s earlier mandate that all toy sellers reduce their prices by 30 to 50%.What army hasn’t swooped in to redistribute Easy Bake Ovens?

However, after realizing a forced deep discount didn’t feel quite as good as outright theft, Maduro decided to change his tactics by adding armed visits.

So, to all of the little tots in Caracas, you better get to work finding some milk and cookies on the black market to adorn your altar to Chavez, or else Papa Noel might pass you by this year.

Just sayin’.