He’s known by many different calling cards. The man that broke the bank of England. The Thai snake. The puppet master. The walkin’dude. The one that shall not be named. Call him what you will, but there’s no denying George Soros really does have a high creeptastic factor, that’s guaranteed to crush the dollar win you first prize in any costume contest.

What you’ll need: A traditional grim reaper robe, available everywhere, for about $10. If you would like to put more effort into the costume, you can upgrade for a velvet death robe (Hey! Soros and velvet just go together).

You could also go for old man makeup, but we here at PD think it’s scarier when you can’t see his face, much like how in real life he hides behind his shadow organizations—-Acorn, the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, La Raza, Apollo Alliance, MoveOn.Org, Free Press, Center for Community Change, Campaign for America’s Future, and the list goes on, and scarily enough on. georgesoros1

What you should do: while using a creepy Hungarian accent, tell guests about how there needs to be a New World Order, and about how the US is the biggest obstacle to that. Inappropriately touch any cougars at the party. Discreetly remove others’ wallets and later replace them with a different currency bearing your likeness. Insist guests sit through an entire episode of Matlock before the party is allowed to get going.

Pair this costume with: a puppet Obama. A puppet Obama consists of a suit (two sizes too big), with strings hanging from the person’s mouth, and appendages, which meet in the back tied to a cross, allowing for the Spooky Dude to dictate their movements throughout the evening.

You’re welcome.