Schools also dumped FLOTUS’ kale heavy meal plans this month, too. Freetown got a lot less free in Sierra Leone, and Lois Lerner lamented getting the Jeffrey Dahmer haircut to Politico, but what else happened this month?

Well, PDers started to go through the mind flip that is Larken Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition. Yeah, it’s hardcore. Did anyone manage to get the whole way through?

Schools decided that today’s youth are incapable of handling the responsibility of lip balm, and with the White House doing their best to proclaim this summer as the hottest on record (which shocker—it wasn’t even close to being) municipalities went on the climate offense and tried to mandate deodorant use.The Most Dangerous Superstition covers all of your Statist questions.

Speaking of the White House, Michelle Antoinette and her beard Barack (or is it the other way around?) commemorated September 11th with a solemn Kaboom press event.

Fatwas got a little more fun this month, when Usama al-Qawsi said it was okay with Allah if you peeked on your best gal in the shower.

Since their t-shirt and messenger bag lines were such an invisible success, the United States Postal Service hoped to convince taxpayers to fund their grocery delivery business a la Joe’s Grocery Delivery of 1996.

In September, Egyptian Authorities fully embraced Grindr, Hornet and Scruff, managing quite a few pickups.

Hardcore socialists started to question their utopian vision, as Venezuelan stockpiles of breast implants have dwindled to alarming lows since Maduro was ushered in by the reincarnated Hugo Chavez.

Our picture of the month.

With orange already worming its way into the closets of labor activists the world over, and pumpkins being used to make rounds of Knockout! more festive, here at PD we’re completely ready to kick off the Halloween season. That means our pumpkin borders, terrifying tales of tranny, and creepy costumes are back for the third year.It’s the time of year creepy tales of tyranny.

This time around our Memory Lane Mondays are getting the scare-treatment, by focusing on some of the most disgusting and horrifying things ever said—and not just those disturbing daily musings rattled off the teleprompter by Dear Leader.

We’ll also being doing some dark tourism (no, hopefully not to Ebola stricken Liberia), and reading up on Daash in our Book Club. Rest assured it will be a bloody and gruesome good time.

So, if you don’t have a pacemaker (and hell, even if you do) and you think you can handle some serious Halloween chills, join us in October.


In Freedom and for Freedom,

Political Dresser