Creepy clowns, zombies, a werewolf or two and that’s just the election.Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is finally that time of year where PD sheds our normally dark approach to the political sphere in order to embrace a more fun, if not childlike, dark approach to the political sphere.

(Nah, that’s not a typo. No matter how hard we try, we’re still pretty dark and pessimistic.)

Of course, we’ve already kicked the month off reading Michael Lewis’ The Big Short, a truly horrifying tale of economic woe that feels like it takes place at banks across the globe today.

Aside from gruesome economics, there will be costumes and clowns, jewelry made from human hair, and heels so high they have to come with an Acrophobia trigger warning.

For our dark tourism destinations we’ll head to Syria, Sarajevo, Sztutowo and Snake Island.

There will also be beauty, body parts and maybe even some bobbing for apples.Who would have thought that Obama’s last Halloween in the White House would be so scary?

Stick around, we promise a few non-political scares, since hey—November will be terrifying enough.



In Freedom and For Freedom,


Political Dresser