Caskets still come at a high premium in Venezuela. Grab a bottle of Nitro Brew’s Death Wish Cold Brew Coffee and let’s look back at the spine-tingling moments of October 2017.

There was a lot of casket talk this month, from smuggling to digital graves to German regulations on how to lay Gram-gram to rest. We even warned you PDers to keep it in your pants while mourning graveside, or teaching adolescents.

Vampires zeroed in on Malawi, while death dances spread the plague in Madagascar.A world without black apparel…

We managed to add President Duterte and Auntie Maxine to our list of creepy costumes, as protests sprang up over cheap Anne Frank duds.

While Tajikistan wanted everyone to embrace traditional fashions, Kazakhstan instead wants you to know that wearing black is passe.

Otherwise, our PD Book Club glowed into the night with Kate Moore’s The Radium Girls, and we learned that hairspray and lithium-ion batteries don’t mix well.

As we chase political turkeys into November, our PD Staff thought we’d leave you with one last creepy costume idea— The Cultural Appropriator:

For this costume, it’s important to wear as many items from as many different cultures as you can.

Trick or treat!