Soon to be banned: Jack-o-Lanterns. Sure, it’s technically still summer in the Northern Hemisphere with triple digit temperatures (in Fahrenheit of course), but there are quite a few reasons for one to believe that the Great Pumpkin will be visiting good little boys and girls soon.

If Instagram and the twelve billion photos of pumpkin spice lattes uploaded daily do not make a big enough case for early September being the start of Pumpkin Season, how about the news that black teen mobs are now using pumpkins to beat Kroger patrons and employees senseless?Guy’s on the ground in the fetal position? Better keep kicking him.

Saturday (September 6th), while those in Sierra Leone stocked up for their three day house arrest, members of the Memphis, Tennessee community decided that bashing those on an ice cream run was the best way to spend their night.

Playing Pick and Knockout, similar to 2013’s Knockout, but this time with more team appeal, a group of about 20 to 30 (check out the VVS footage here and try to count for yourself) chased a man through the Kroger parking lot and into the fruit aisle, where the mob kicked him repeatedly in the head and pelleted him with pumpkins.

That’s right, pelleted him with pumpkins. Not little baby pumpkins doled out to grade school children, but perfect Jack-o-lantern material sized pumpkins.

Did we mention in the head? They were throwing pumpkins at his head, while also kicking him in the head.

Why can’t pumpkins live in harmony with each other?Two Kroger employees, who in this world will most likely get fired, but should be shoe-ins for Employee of the Month rushed to save the customer, and were similarly beaten.

It seems like last week’s Youth Forum did little to booster civic pride for Dear Leader’s POTUS’ children.

Just sayin’.