It's always smuggle season.It’s now officially the ghoulish gourd season, and one creative smuggler tried to use that to her advantage by stuffing her luggage full of pumpkins which were already filled with cocaine.

Flying through Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Canada’s Border Services felt that the twentysomething’s three pumpkins were a tad heavier than they should be.

“The pumpkins seemed heavy, so we decided to run them through an X-ray machine and the drugs were found in bags inside the pumpkins,” Agency Spokeswoman Jacqueline Roby said, giving an official statement that, “Instead of being filled with candies, three pumpkins carried by a female traveler at Montreal-Trudeau Airport contained nearly two kilograms of suspected cocaine.”That will be a minimum of one, two, no---three years in prison.

2 kilos? That’s a genius trick or treater that got greedy.