Attending a Halloween party in Massachusetts? Then you’ll definitely want to go with PD’s Elizabeth Warren costume idea. Not only is the Elizabeth Warren easy to slap together, it’s also good for the environment. (What? If she can make up crazy crap all the time, PD can too.)

What you’ll need: A business suit (she wears an excessive amount of gray), a tribal headdress, and some war face paint. The trick of the Elizabeth Warren costume is to look busy down the middle, but rain dance on the face. The Elizabeth Warren is a sure fire crowd-pleaser.

What you should do: once kitted out, speak with a snotty North Eastern accent for the duration of the evening. Make no mention of your high cheek bones, or lovely headdress. Complain that the Porte served at the party is too generic. Trust us here at PD, you’ll be the life of the party.

You’re welcome.