All smiles, and why not? There's a chair to sit in.PD brought you the how-tos for a spot-on Kim Jong-un costume two years ago, but similar to the freshman 15, the first decade or so of terrorizing your fellow countrymen always leaves its mark around the middle.

Absent from public view since September, rumor has it that North Korea’s Dear Leader is so fat that while waddling around on his trotters, Kim Jong-un (a fan of stacked Cuban heels) ended up fracturing both of his ankles. Of course, while the DPRK propaganda minsters work overtime to convince the rest of the world that Kim Jong-un is only big boned, our staff still feels like it’s time this creepy costume got an update.

What you’ll need: Keep the Choson-ot suit, but wear it over a Jabba the Hut costume. You can purchase one here, or try a DIY number.

What you should do: Keep any movement to a minimal (after all, girth and fractured ankles do not mix well with getting down on the dance floor, unless you want to stay down until emergency services comes with a crane to lift you up), and demand your Halloween Party hosts bring everything to you.Jabba the Kim.

Pair this costume up with: An escaped prisoner from Camp 14, or his wife Ri Sol-ju, complete with her signature, black Dior. Add Minnie Mouse ears to the Ri Sol-ju costume and earn bonus Kim Jong-un fetish points.

You’re welcome.