Zombie Castro.Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruzbland might have been on every 10-4-10 list since the Bay of Pigs, but at 90 years of decay age, this despot makes for one heck of an easy Halloween costume.

What you’ll need: A tracksuit (Adidas is the standby favorite of both dictators and hooligans) in any color, and of course, a cigar. Other add-ons can be a walker, or wheelchair (depending upon how tired you are feeling). Now, the difference between going as Zombie Castro or just plain Castro is only a matter of more wrinkles, and a possible phony eye-socket.

What you should do: If you decided to go as Zombie Castro or just normal Castro, either way you’ll want to only respond in unintelligible mumbles and groans, with perhaps one or two Vivas! throughout the course of the party.You could also pair this costume up with a few nurses and dissenters.

Otherwise, that’s about it. Just sit there for the entire length of the party and well after the last guest has left. Continue sitting at your host’s place until the first Spring thaw and then maybe, if you’re bored head home to your own place.

Pair this costume up with: Raul Castro (if not in a tracksuit at least a windbreaker) whom will manipulate with your limbs and tell the other guests how great you are doing, etc.

You’re welcome.