This might be Photo-shopped.So, you’re the type of guy that always flocks to badass personas when it comes to getting suited up for Halloween parties? If you also happen to be on the short side, well then, you can’t go wrong with our Putin costume.

What you’ll need: Drop and give us 20,000 because you’ll need to go shirtless for this Putin look. Throw on camo pants, a pair of his signature strongman shades and you’re almost there. Strap a knife or two on, and carry a man’s gun (no, little derringers or girlie revolvers). If you have the right Russian mob connections then go with a Honey Badger.

Since the permanent Russian President is a big animal lover you could also attach a carcass or two (stuffed or real) to the costume.Father Russia?

What you should do: as Vladimir Putin one of the most important things to remember is the KGB walk (where one hand is always down by your side—closest to where you’re packing). Check Putin out here to get a better idea of what we mean.

Putin speaks with a low and measured voice, but if you’d like to add a bit of “In Soviet Russia car drives you” hey—-who are we to judge?

Now that’s a cute couple: Putin and Kadyrov. Pair this costume up with: Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic and hardcore Putin groupie. The Kadyrov costume can be easily put together by snatching up a brightly colored tracksuit, and a bit of gun bling.

You are your partner are guaranteed to the rule the party.

You’re welcome.