Twins on par with Frederica Wilson and Shelia Jackson Lee.In an election year pitting tyranny against tyranny, the Vice Presidential Nominees follow a similar sentiment of bland versus bland. If you prefer to disappear into the background of every Halloween party we definitely have the creepy costume for you: the Tim Kaine/Mike Pence.

Not sure how? Don’t worry, it’s one of the easiest costumes of the season and as always, PD has you covered.

What you’ll need: A suit (any type, blue, gray—pick your pleasure) and a tie. It doesn’t matter which nominee you are going as, with the tie stick to either blue or red.

What you should do: If you decide to wear the blue tie demure back towards the exit for most of the night. As the party winds down, you can go to the food table and sneak a chip or two. Nod and do friendly half smiles. Do not otherwise engage other party guests.Honestly, do you know who is who here?

On the other hand, if you selected the red tie, you need to be more assertive and aggressive. Do everything you would as a blue tie nominee, but also add a few handshakes into the mix—then for the love of God, get back to lurking by the exit.

Pair this costume up with: Either a dazed Hillary Clinton or chirpy Donald Trump. Ideally, if you decide to go as one specific VP nominee for the night, go with the opposite party’s candidate. We guarantee you that no one will know the difference.

You’re welcome.