We don’t want to discriminate here. This costume would also work well, even not better, for men. Halloween parties are creeping ever nearer and this year PD has a whole slew of fresh costume ideas that are guaranteed to turn heads, and possibly opinions.

To start the spooky season out, we’re unveiling our hoity-est costume yet. Move over Elizabeth Warren, 2013 is all about the Real Journalist à la Melissa Harris-Perry.

Not some lowly blogger, citizen reporter or Twitchy expert, but a Real Journalist, trained by Lucifer’s own Saul Alinsky in Reverend Wright’s cathedral of social justice and collectivist liberation theology.

What you’ll need: A pink sweater camisole combo, hipster spectacles, seven inch spikes (seeing as your chauffeured from studio to studio, and would never even consider hoofing it for a bus), and tampon earrings. To be sure that everyone in the party knows just how much smarter and better you are than them include one of those Hello My Name is… stickers with “REAL Journalist” written in bold lettering.So chic!

What you should do: While speaking with a lisp, tell other party guests about how their children belong to the collective, regal those in line outside of the Ladies Room with tales from the Eastern Front of the War on Women, and gush about the First Ladies Let’s Move initiative with those eyeing the snack table.

Pair this costume up with: anyone from the Lean Forward lineup. The elitist douche potential there is endless.

You’re welcome.