Feel free to accessorize with either a microphone or AK.Sure, provided the planet isn’t vaporized, come Halloween most people will be dressing as either Kim Jong-un or the Donald, but if like us you’d rather not follow the crowd, don’t worry—as always PD’s got you covered.

Hitting the Halloween party circuit as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is guaranteed to set you apart, and for a strongman costume it’s fairly easy to put together.

What you’ll need: A pair of Aviator frames, and any generic golf tee. Duterte likes to keep it casual, so ditch the tie.When you dress up as the Donald of the Philippines, do not forget the hand gestures.

What you should do: Show up late, but bring a sack of salt and bottle of vinegar. Take over the room, after all, you’re the one everyone wants to see. Hit the roof if you notice any drug use, especially if conducted by your hosts. Fish out their homeowner’s deed from the bottom drawer in the study and pocket it. If spotted, explain that, “Drug using monkeys shouldn’t be allowed to own houses.” Later on, by the veggie dip, wax eloquent about Hitler’s people skills. When other guests ask you who you’re supposed to be, just say, “The Punisher.” If anyone tries to throw shade at you threaten to throw those son of a bitches out of your helicopter.

Pair this costume up with: A stereotypical drug user that you can beat and berate throughout the party, or you and your pals can go for a Dictator Friends Circle, with them going as Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and a shirtless Vladimir Putin.

You’re welcome.