The Obamacare costume might be too scary for children…and the elderly. If you’re into costume induced chills, then let’s be honest, there’s nothing scarier to an American small business than Obamacare.

What you’ll need: There are two ways to skin a cat go about the Obamacare look. First there’s the obvious Obama face mask plus doctor’s coat and stethoscope. It’s a creative spin on a classic, and people will recognize what you are immediately.

Alternatively, you could pair an Obama mask with a full-on Death/Grim Reaper cloak. Both variations work wonders in the terror department.

As far as the Obama face mask is concerned there are two to pick from.

There’s the one below which the staff calls the Nosferatu Obama.

Now discounted on Amazon.

Your other choice is the Zombie Obama. Both masks are frightening.

Also now discounted on Amazon.

What you should do: Using the Complete Lives System, go up to the older members of the Halloween party and ask them to leave. Then wander over to the younger guests and tell them to cough up cab fare for the older people leaving. Skim off your 96% cut, and give the change to the older people so they can take a public bus home.We’re already vomiting in terror now.

If you really want to freak people out, you can also just give them statistics about Obamacare—how much it will cost their great-great-great grandchildren, and how long it will take them to get in for that MRI.

Bonus: If you’re the one hosting the Halloween bash, then you could always serve Soylent Green and make your guests queue up outside your house for a few hours before you let them in.

You’re welcome.