I'll get you my pretty, and your little 2nd Amendment too.From her witch’s cackle to her Ready? floating face 2016 campaign and her geriatric People magazine cover, Hillary certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

What you’ll need: A blue or green 80’s pantsuit with a witch’s hat is an easy enough motif if you are short on time. If the witch’s hat feels a little too on the nose, pull half of your mane back with a clearance Claire’s clip instead.

If you’re a fan of theatrical make-up, grab your trowel and add the years of stress brought on by an adulterous spouse. Graftobian makes an excellent old age make-up kit for under $20. Be sure to go heavy and deep on the crow’s feet.The cackle is a must.

If you decide to go as current Hillary, a walker prop goes a long way.

What you should do: Well, with Hillary you have a lot of options. You could carry around a copy of Hard Choices, and when other party goers ask you about the book, you can balk and say one incoherent line after another. Complain about the steep jump in beluga caviar and Gurkha cigar prices for example.

You can also rig your cell phone to beep loudly every five minutes, leading you to eventually exclaim, “God! The frickin’ Benghazi consulate is driving me crazy! It’s like jeez, handle a problem yourself. Ugh.”

Hillary at work.If you go with the Hillary witch idea, be sure to cackle at every inappropriate opportunity.

Pair this costume up with: A zombie Ambassador Stevens, or a sexually ambiguous Huma Abedin. Or alternatively if you have some hooker loving, rowdy friends, enlist them to be your secret service detail.

You’re welcome.